Special Olympics

I participated in an event,

it's called Special Olympics.


I spend several hours

taking care of this boy, Devin,

who had a form of autism.


I helped him run,

I helped him jump,

I helped him throw,

I helped him be an athlete

for a day.


I had fun,

I enjoyed it,

even though it was taxing.


It was worth it, however,

to see the smiles on his face,

and watch him having fun

being the athlete he was

never able to be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had lots of fun 4/9/13 spending hours with a boy named Devin. As I said above, he has a form of autism, and was very wild. He was unable to sit still for more than a few seconds. I was exausted at the end, but it was worth it just to see this 7 year old boy having a blast!

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