Little Puffer fish

I'm swimming in the ocean,
and I know I'm safe.

When something
approaches me,
and makes me feel threatened,
I just puff out my body.

No one wants to mess
with a ball of spikes!
I'm protected,
and they'll leave me alone!

I find it interesting
how no one knows
what I am
until I have puffed
myself up.

Then they freak,
and swim away.
'Cause that's
when they know
that I'm a puffer fish!
That I'm not something
that they'll want to eat.

I'm a puffer fish,
and I'm actually quite friendly.
It's only when you threaten me,
or when I believe you're threatening me,
when I have to puff up,
and put you in your place!

I'm a puffer fish!
Royal blooded fish
in this great big ocean.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I drew a puffer fish on my photography project, and just decided to write a poem about it!

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