I Tie-dyed My Own Shirt!

In my science class,
the other day,
we all paid money
for the cost of the die,
and some of us even
bought a cotten shirt.

Then we came to school
a few days later,
and when it came
to being sixth hour,
we walked into the
chemistry room,
and were instructed
on how to tie-dye the shirts.

Everyone else did spirals,
but I decided to do
something different,
and I went ahead and
made my shirt striped.

about five days later,
I am wearing it,
and it looks great!

This was my first tie-dying,
and I actually had fun!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a poem about the day my class tie-dyed shirts! I made one that people have been asking me if I bought it! I feel sooo proud!

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