There's this disorder
that makes my heart hurt,
and my stomach flip.

it's hair loss from
repeated urges to
pull or twist the hair
until it breaks off.

It's a phycological condition
that gives the victim the
unavoidable urge to pull
the hair from their scalp,
nose, facial har, or other body hair!

it's a type of impulsive control disorder.

The causes are
not clearly understood.

Trichotillomania may affect
as much as
4% of the population,
and women are 4Xs more
likely to be affected by it
than men.

that begins in children
less than 6 years old,
may go away without treatment.

I've read that
for most people,
the hair pulling ends
within 12 months.

But, for some,
trichotillomania is
a lifelong disorder!

Treatment is said
to often improve
the hair pulling,
feelings of depression,
anxiety, or poor self-image.

Some people
eat the hair that
they pull out,
which is

This then causes complications.

People can have complications when they eat the pulled-out hair (trichophagia). This can cause a blockage in the intestines or lead to poor nutrition.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A work in progress. My mom found out that my sister has been pulling out her own hair, which my mother said means that she has Trichotillomania, so I decided to write a poem about what it is.
Please let me know what you think!

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