Missing My Baby Sister

Baby sister Poems

I'm missing my baby sister,
and just want to hold her
against my chest.

I want to hug her,
and tell her I love her,
and hear her laugh
at my voice,
once again.

Whenever I would
deepen my voice,
and say her name,
she would crack up,
and laugh so very hard.

It was sooo cute,
and it made me grin
to know that I made
her laugh so hard.

But I don't have my
baby sister with me now,
because Leukemia stole
her away from me.

It's unjust for a
one year old baby
to suffer from a disease
like Leukemia!

She didn't even have
a christmas with me!
It's just not fair!
No one should ever
outlive their baby sister!

She was only one,
and I was five.

She will never
be able to be five.
She will never be able
to live as a teenager.

I won't get to
guide her through
or through other
kinds of experiences!

I can't kiss her goodnight,
and I won't get to go
to her wedding!

I miss my baby sister,
and feel this

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A work in progress! About my baby sister!

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