Being Part Cherokee

I'm part Cherokee,
and it makes me feel proud.

Although I don't
have skin that
looks like my mom's
who has the Cherokee
skin color.
My skin is white,
and as pale like
a vampire's

Being part Cherokee,
makes me feel proud.

what gets to me,
is the fact
that the original
were forced off their land
in 1838.

They were
forced west,
to the lands
now known as
North Carolina,
and Tennessee.

It makes me mad
that some whites
wanted to destroy
the land to look for gold!

So, they made the
and Seminole
move off of
their land,
and to a whole
new place!

I believe that
something is wrong
with the white race.
I'm white,
and I would never
imagine myself
doing anything like this!

What made them think
that they had
the right to do this?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was doing a project on the Cherokee Indians, in my world civ class, and I decided to write a poem about how I feel about being part Cherokee, and also about how I felt about the Cherokees being forced off their land. Please comment and let me know what you think!
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