My Mother Is Mad At Me


My mother is mad at me,
for not walking the
right way to her office,
with my little sister.

I went the other way,
because, in my mind,
I thought that
she'd see my sister,
and I, easier.

But when I split off
from my sister,
where I would go
to my school,
and she'd go to
mom's office,
things went wrong.

I got into school,
and settled in,
and then my mother called.

She asked me
where I was,
and where my sister was.

I told her that I
was at school,
and my sister was
supposed to be at
mother's office.

But, of course,
she wasn't there,
and I got the blame.

She got mad at me,
because my sister
took her time,
walking to my
mother's office.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I got into trouble with my mom because she went to the store, and me and my sister walked up to where my sister's old bus stop was, and my sister headed over to my mother's office, and I went to school. Please comment and let me know what you think!

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