Inspirational Graffiti

Graffiti poems

Just be you,
all the way through!

The worst mistake
that anyone can make,
is being too afraid
to make one.

Speak the truth,
even if your voice shakes!

Don't give up,
any day!

Everything will be okay!

I make choices!

The best things in life,
aren't things.

I'll trade in all of
my tomorrows,
for a single yesterday!

Be more,
Need less!

Follow your heart!

Become your Dream!

If you dream it,
give it a chance
2 happen!

Dream like you'll live forever,
live like you'll die tomorrow!

You have more time
than you think!

Dreem more,
work less!

Imagination is more
important than knowledge.

Question everything!

I believe in you!

Everything happens
for a reason.

Live free!

Free your mind!

People need love!

me + you= Love

Love yourself!

More love.

<3 > $
Love > $

Destroy what
destroys you.

Stop complaining,
start living!

Live life,
laugh lots,
love forever!

Love yourself first!

Be the change!

Self-judgement is

It's better to live
one life as a lion,
than to live
a hundred
as a sheep.

everything perfect...
and I love you!

Love the life
you live!

Seems to me
we have two choices.
Human being, or human doing.
Which one are you?

I am a void
deep within your conscious.
Listen to my words for they will
lead you to my reality.

Real eyes
real lies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem that I wrote by getting inspirational phrases from graffiti, and putting it into one poem! Hope you like it! Another one I did like this is my poem "Graffiti Love". Please let me know what you think!

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