Graffiti Love

Graffiti poems

You R perfect

I am always
down to love

Love your life-
you only get one!
You're beautiful baby
and don't forget that!

Respect yourself,
someone will love you
the way you want
to be loved.

Love yourself.

Love always.

It's love,
it's not gay.

Let the beauty
we love be
what we do.

I love your smile.

I wish my brain
had a map to
tell my heart
where to go...

Love between friends
is the best kind of love.

My head says,
"who cares"
But then my heart whispers,
"you do, stupid..."

And we just kissed...
oh how priceless
is that smoldering wish.

I thank god I was
raised catholic,
so the sex will
always be dirty!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I created this by taking graffiti that had love in it, and putting it into one poem! I hope you like it! Please comment!

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