Deal With Your Cold!


Are you feeling sick,
from the cold or the flu?
Well, then here's a poem
just for you!

Drink plenty of fluids to
help break up your congestion,
you need to drink about 8 or even 10
eight-ounce glasses of fluids daily!

That may seem like alot,
but hey, if you get over your
annoying little cold,
won't it be worth it?

Inhale steam to ease your
congestion and drippy nose.
Just boil some water,
and hold your nose over the pot!
But watch out! It'll be hot!

You also need to
blow your nose often,
but in the proper way!
The best way for you
to blow your nose
is to press one of your fingers
over one nostril,
while you blow gently
to clear out the other!
Blow too hard and you
can blow your eardrum!

Make sure you keep yourself
nice and warm,
cause that also helps
your body direct its energy
towards the immune battle,
where it is really needed!

Keeping yourself as well rested,
as you possibly can,
is also something that
is helpful for fighting a cold.

A relaxing thing
is to take a hot shower,
cause it also makes steam,
that can help clear out your nose!

Swallowing a spoonful
of clover honey,
helps sooth
a sore throat.

Spoonfuls of
pure lemon juice,
throughout the day,
helps to loosen congestion!

Even if it's sour,
does that really matter,
if you are able to
clear out some nasty mucus?

Taking a temped
bath is helpful
to lower anyone's
annoying fever.

Placing some ice,
on the back of your neck,
can help to sooth
and relieve headaches.

Silver tea- a mixture of
hot water,a couple of tablespoons of milk,
a teaspoon of honey and a dash of nutmeg,
helps your body to relax and fall asleep.

Vicks vapo,
rubbed on your chest
and throat, helps
you to breath more clearly.

And don't forget,
plenty of vitamin C,
and maybe even drinking
some rose hip tea!

Now I believe,
I've gone on too long,
and you should probably
be going to clear up your nose!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I read about ways to clear up my nose, and figured that I could make a poem out of it!
Please comment!!
Several of the last ways were suggested by Horsespirit! Thanks girl!

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