a short word
for something
that has a long
life span of pain included.

Sometimes I wonder
whether I deal with it
in a way that is
actually going to
help me deal
with the grief.

I'll heard and read
different things about
how you need to act
when you are grieving.

Some say:
"The pain will go away
faster if you ignore it"
"It’s important to 'be strong'
in the face of loss."
"If you don’t cry, it means
you aren’t sorry about the loss."

But who are they,
to tell me that
I have to do these things
or else I don't care,
or aren't sorry.

Those that say
that you should
ignore the pain,
in order for
it to go away,
are naive.

You can try to
suppress your grief,
but you can’t avoid it forever.
you have to grieve!

Then, there are the
so called "stages" of grief.
The stages that everyone
supposedly goes through
when they are grieving.

There are five
stages of grief.
and, Acceptance.

Does everyone go
through each of these stages,
or do some skip certain ones?
I'm not sure, and don't know
whether I'll ever be
able to figure it out.

it's a short word
for something
that is around for
a long time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was reading about different people's thoughts on how to deal with grief, and decided to write a poem on grief. Please let me know what you think!

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