Mama Mia Movie

My thoughts

I love the movie Mama Mia.
I really like it!
The songs are addicting,
and the movie is fun!

I can't help myself,
I dance when I watch it.
It's fun to watch,
and fun to sing along to,
even though I cannot sing.

The movie Mama Mia
is unique,
and very interesting,
and entertaining!

I dance when I hear it,
I sing along to the songs,
and I speak the lines.

"Mama mia,
here I go again!"
"honey, honey,
how you thrill me!"
"The winnner taaaakes it all!"
"I'm nothing special,
in fact I'm a bit of a bore."
"I work all night,
I work all day"

The songs are
like none other.
They are different
and fun!

The movie Mama Mia
is one of my favorites!
I cannot lie!
I can watch it a thousand times,
and never get tired of it!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a poem I though up while listening to the Mama Mia music.
Please let me know what you think!

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