It Drives Me Crazy

My thoughts

It drives me crazy
when people act like
they know who you are
and how you need to deal with things,
when they barely know
you at all!

The only ones who know me
and how I should deal with things,
are the people that I've
let in close to my heart.

These people hold me up,
and teach me what's right
from what's wrong.

It drives me crazy
when people treat you
differently just because
you aren't just like them.

What gives them the right
to treat others horribly,
and be able to get away with it.
To not get in trouble for it.

It drives my crazy
when people let
certain people get away
with things, just because
they come from "better" families.

Just because their family has
more money then alot of others,
doesn't give them more right
as a person, then the rest of us.

Some people that have
more money than most of us,
put their money to good use,
paying for things that people
cannot afford themselves.
That's the kind of people that
deserve to have a good life.

It drives me crazy
when people treat others
like they are not
worth anything.
It's not up to those people
to decide the worth of others!

Yes, there are things
that drive me crazy,
but I guess that's

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