Is My Best Friend Back?

Is my best friend back?
It's something that I must know.
It seemed like I was
losing my best friend,
for a while there.

But now we're talking again,
not as much as we always have,
but I'm okay with it right now,
because she's coming back!

I only hope that we don't
fall apart again,
because I cannot bear
to lose her again!

She's my best friend,
and we've been through a lot,
in only a few short years,
and she's the best friend I've had!

Is my best friend back?
I really hope so!
I will be so very pleased
if my best friend is back.

I believe I scared her off,
by being too "smothering"
and always wanting to
be around her.

Is my best friend back?
It seems like it,
and I'm just hoping that
it is actually true!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think my best friend is back again, but I don't know for sure...

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