Back from Spring Break

Spring break is over,
so I have to return to school.
Have to start learning again,
and getting up early.

I'm not ready to come
back to school.
I want to be able to
have more time off.

I'm glad to see my friends again,
but don't want to have to
start going back to classes
and having to learn again.

Spring break was fun,
and my sister and I
did alot of different things
with one another.

Things that I'd never think
that we'd get to do together.
We spent more time together
then I'd have thought we could stand.

So, no, I'm not ready
to come back to school yet.
Although, I know that we
sort of have to come back.

So, spring break is over,
and I'm back in school, once again.
Going to classes,
and following the ring of the bell.

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