Can't Get Ahold Of You


I can't seem to get ahold of you.
I'm worried that I've done something,
something to upset you.

I don't want to upset you!
You mean so much to me,
the reason that I hurry
to get to school each morning!

You've brought me untold happiness,
and I hope that I've brought
happiness to you, too.
Because, you see,
you mean everything to me,
and I want to make you happy.

I think about you so much,
and smile when I think of you.
I don't even mind that you
have at least two others
that you're with.

Two of them you're closer with,
and I do admit that it makes me jelous,
but it makes you happy, so I'm happy.

I'd walk through a burning fire for you!
I'd walk over broken glass for you!
I'd even go near a clown for you!
(And that's hard for me, since I've got Coulrophobia,
the abnormal or exaggerated fear of clowns.)
I'd walk for miles through the desert, for you!
I'd even step infront of a train for you!

I'd do all these things for you,
if it would garentee that
I could keep you safe.

I believe that I love you,
and I'm hoping that
you feel the same way, too.
But I don't know,
although I want to know,
and I want to find out.

I can't seem to get ahold of you,
I can't get any answer from you,
about what's going on,
and it's scaring me!

I want to make sure that
we are okay,
and that I'm still your boo...
I don't want to say goodbye!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my (I hope) girl E! What's going on hon?

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