it's a cool word.
With a very cool meaning.

I like taking photos,
and even better,
is taking pictures
with black and white film.

In the dark room,
my day becomes okay.
It's just me and my film,
and I know I'm safe.

No one can hurt me in here,
no one can make me talk.
I can just relax,
and do what I love.

I love developing my film,
and love doing projects.
The end results are amazing,
and make everything worthwhile.

It doesn't matter how many times
I have to try,
as long as I am
in love with the end result.

is really kind of magical.
You get over the smell of the chemicals,
'cause that doesn't matter any more,
after you're in the dark room.

You'll never truly know
how amazing it is
to develop film,
until you do it.

The way the picture
is invisible until
you swish it in developer
and then the magic happens.

The picture gradually
appears on the paper.
One second not there,
and the next it is!

Photography is amazing!
It's a little love of mine,
and I want to be doing this,
for the rest of my life!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My thoughts on photography. Please comment!

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