Golden Heart

They say my heart is golden

I care for everyone but me

I give and give and give

and in response ask for nothing.


They say my heart is golden

trust shines through my eyes

I would never hurt a living soul

with hurtful meaningless lies.


They say my heart is golden

i love with every fiber,

if you need me there i will be,

i couldn't be any kinder.


They say my heart is golden

but i only hear simple words

its not shown to me with kindness,

love and trust in return.


They say my heart is golden,

but take it with a grain of salt,

they never stay around for long

i'm always made to feel at fault.


If my heart is golden,

then why am i so bitter

that people keep breaking it down

and selling to the highest bidder.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was told recently, by an ex, that my heart is golden. Then why am i always made to feel, through actions, through lack of communication, through lack of care for my feelings, that i don't even matter to people?

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