To love or not to love?

I don’t know what to tell you

I just feel like we are so different

I feel like all the reasons you love me are the same ones you hate me for

I feel like all we ever do is hook up

I feel like this relationship which started so innocent

Is now nothing but dust.

It has decayed and disintegrated

And I cant even remember what we ever talked about

I cant remember any good times

I cant remember anything besides being happy when you buy me presents and sad the rest of the time

I cant remember us having a conversation

I can only remember us watching tv until we decide to strangle each other in kisses

I cant remember being happy

I only remember the fear of losing you

I only remember the sexual drive

I only remember your disapproval every time you feel I’m too loud or two opinionated or too offensive

I can only remember you being annoyed at me

I hear you swear your love to me

And I believe you but I also believe we are different

I also believe that you love me for everything that makes me me

But I also believe you are embarrassed ashamed and annoyed by everything that makes me me.

So what to do

To love or not to love

To hold on or to let go?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes its hard to figure out if the relaionship will work because maybe just because we are in love doesn't mean its right. Maybe its just the feelings of the past that will never leave but the relationship itself is not constructive for either person.

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