Don't Blame the Bitch

Welcome the Bitch.
this heartless bitch
has insults to spare
bruises to share
and an icy exterior.

Welcome the Bitch.
This heartless bitch
once had a heart
A heart of ice
Spiked Jagged Knife-like ice.

Welcome the Bitch.
This ice-hearted bitch
Was making it through life
With her ice colored glasses
When someone came along and stabbed her straight through.

Say goodbye to the bitch
this ice-hearted bitch
she got stabbed straight through
and her heart shattered to bits
spikes and all
fell to the ground
chaos, catastrophe
Pieces all gone.

So Welcome the Bitch.
This Heartless Bitch.
She wasnt born this way
but this is the way she will stay
It wasn't her choice
Its just her way
to share her pain
because after all
she has no heart
to bear it all.

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Everyone has trouble dealing

Everyone has trouble dealing with the bitch but sometimes all they need is a little compassion love and empathy.

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I'm sick of the bitch too!

I'm sick of the bitch too! She's messed with my head ENOUGH!! Now I don't know if anything's true. : /

Copyright © morningglory

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wow.! its so good and strong

wow.! its so good and strong

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Thank you i appreciate it!

Thank you i appreciate it!