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What I want you to know about me...

I am a little weird. Okay, really weird. I like to use apple sauce as a condiment for meat, ketchup makes me gag, I love cats to an unsafe level (crap, I'm the cat lady), and for some reason I like blood. I can't say I'm incredibly popular in a normal way, but the friends I do have are quality people, although they're all just as weird as I am. I am a high schooler, which means that, like a lot of teenagers, I am extremely melodramatic, and every problem is the end of the world. I am also very blunt, and I don't feel bad about that. I have two obnoxious siblings, and over a dozen cousins, but I love 'em anyways!

About My Navel

This is a really weird section, but, hey, I thrive on weird. I guess my navel is pretty standard. I would like to get a piercing for it, but let's face it, my parents would probably kill me:)

Favorite Stuff (poets, poems, quotes, hobbies, etc.)

Weird obsessions: All the presidents of the United States, boxing, I'll-Show-You moments, 19th century insane asylums, library hold receipts, blueberry pancakes, white chocolate milk, anything caffeinated, my adorable baby cousin, politics, anime, parodies of things I appreciate, and non-homework-related math

Favorite books: Reckless, Fearless, Golden Yarn (Cornelia F√ľnke), Marathon Man, Princess Bride (William Goldmann), I Hunt Killers, Game, Blood of My Blood (Barry Lyga), Captains Courageous, the Jungle Book (Rudyard Kipling)

Favorite songs: Miss Jackson (Panic! At the Disco), Centuries (Fall Out Boy), Radioactive (Imagine Dragons), Bleed it Out (Linkin Park), Toca, Toca (Fly Project), Little Talks (Of Monsters and Men)

Favorite pieces of art: La Giocanda (Leonardo Da Vinci), Last Supper (Giorgio Vasari), At the Piano (Amanda Parks)

Favorite animal(s): Cats, mice, chickens, fish, rabbits, anything fluffy

Favorite subject (in school): History (world or American, it makes no difference)

Dream job: President of the United States (2044, people!)


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