The Boat Rigatta Burly Island

The boat rigatta burly island

Lied to and afraid I'm not telling what I feel
You told me I could trust and then you broke our deal
Said you'd love me for myself when I felt astray
So I trusted you again and you led me through dismay

Though I'm right in front of you today

Again and again you said you would be fine
But you didn't and you wont so now i draw the line
Cause I'm not who you think and I may go away
So if you're looking for me I may have run away

Though I'm right in front of you today

Every step you are taking always frustrating
The gates to my mind I'm not fine, I'm not fine
Just a mask in the dark you can't see me now
Cause again I wont hark I'll be shrouded

Is this really why you wait
For me to be afraid
Of what you say
Because I've already strayed
All my life was just to please you
I was afraid to choose
Also to move
It wasn't ever me it was you

So why do you tell me what you think is right
When I'm sitting there knowing just by seeing with my sight
I'm threatened by your ego and you're threatened by my mind
So where was I when my life contract was signed?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this just before confronting my dad about how he treated me. I found out he honestly just didn't understand. I now have a nice relationship with him, but he's still a bit clueless. I try not to get mad at him.

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