focus is the problem with society

Why did I always want to be with the crowd?
It's focus is always of nothing to be proud.

As I was an outcast, was I really deprived?
Because then was the time my education thrived.

Now that I'm a part of it I realize where my problems lay.
But now that I have notice how to I change without a fray?

Can I be a part whilst being apart of the group?
Do I really need always to be in the loop?

Is there a balance I can attain without losing myself
to either side of the scale where I suffer
through pain of being put on the shelf
or having my education on the buffer?

Is my focus on myself?
Or is my focus on bettering those I care about?
That's the answer.
I need to choose so I can figure this out.

I think worrying about what others think shows us that
we are focusing on ourselves. If we really cared about
our own lives, We would care more about others.

What Goes Around Comes Around. Simple as that.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just wanted to produce something that I have been learning more and more with every trial that comes my way. I don't think this poem is very good, or even written with enough care to it. Sorry! I hope this message I'm trying to send is well-received. Mind commenting if you get it or not? I don't care what you have to say as long as I get feedback. :D