Living without something I never had

Living without something I never had

I wonder why I ever believed
That I could be the one to hold you
Too much I wrongly perceived
A false reality I put myself through

When you thought of me as a friend
But I wanted more than friendship
My reality had to finally end
When gossip came and my heart ripped

Was I just fooling myself about you?
Did you not want me too?
Or was it an act you played for me?
A relationship never to be.

You  might leave, and say goodbye
Was it because of me you're leaving?
I really want to curl up and cry
Because of my own self deceiving

I want to hold you in my arms and smile
And tell you everything is ok
now I feel like a small child
Because I'm in a complete disarray

I just want for you to be happy
If you are better off leaving, go
I'm ok with you leaving me
As long as your smile will grow

If you really don't like me
Please, if you would, let ME know

It's heartbreaking when you sit on a fence, not telling me anything.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just got out of a relationship that apparently was all me. Hate it when these things happen.