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Sex. Guitar. Bad Piano. Bad Philosophy. Deranged Rhesus Macaques. Wondering why everyone compares me to Hamlet in the first four acts of the play of the same name.

From the fucking wilds of South Jersey in a town that resembles the word Terminus, I hold open my mouth and drip jewels from my tongue. I spray the purple prosey poison of my youth from a keyboard to the rest of the world. This is the biting time and only an illusion.

About My Navel

I have no belly button. Not in the traditional sense anyway. It is neither an innie or an outie. It's just there, for some ungodly reason.

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I'm always doing stupid shit when I be smokin, one time I left my truck runnin in brooklyn wide open, forget who I called ask for Nina and its tanya, click over, What up bitch! Oh, hiii momma. -Redman ''Jersey Yo!''


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