Sweet Nothing

I don’t know how to say this.

I loved you.

A part of me always will.

Still I can’t help to feel,

This isn’t meant to be.

Not us.

It’s not you,

Nor I.

It’s the fact that you lied.

And you have a child,

To which I’m not fond of kids.

My consistent depression,

And your exaggerated aggression.

You speak of life being unfair,

But it’s not life,

It’s your false judgment, and mistakes.


You insist on blaming everything around you.

You say you love me,

Though you try not to meet me.

You avoid everything I say, and everything is about you.

You take these words, and twist them,

To fit your obsession.

Now it’s time to go.

I never meant to leave you alone.

This was just a sweet nothing.

To which, we are going to continue,

The way we did before.

Good bye,

My love.

Until you find someone new.


And forget everything, we said.

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OwenProsser's picture

Loved this

I enjoyed reading this, the words used and the structure of it all. Definitely going to read this again.

TheOutcast's picture


Thanks lol. Im glad you enjoyed it, especially enough to read it again.