She is Perfection

As she stands there,

Her lips as red as a young rose.

She looks at me,

With eyes of gold.

I smile,

But I know that there’s no beauty,

That compares,

To hers.

My heart,

Is weak, and it beats faster,

With every word she speaks.

Her soft voice,

Like gentle music for my ears.

I just met her,

But her bright young soul,

Makes me feel like I’ve known her for years.

Ill love her forever,

With every part of me.

I’ll die,

Ill suffer,

Ill burn.

If she needs my heart.

If she needs my lungs.

If she needs my soul,

I’ll give it all to her.

She is the living definition,

Of perfection.

And if she would,

Be so kind to love me.

To hold me,

And cherish my existence.

Then I will forever,

Be hers.


Until I’m unneeded.