Everything For You

Everything For You


I’d give up my life,

To make you happy.

Id slit my wrists,

Just to paint your roses red.

I’ll never leave,

And I’ll be what you need.

Ill exist for you and only you.

Your body is a temple,

That I will worship.

Just give me a chance,

I’ll make it worth it.

The distance doesn’t bother me.

Because I’ll spend every last penny,

To see your beautiful face.

I’d give up faith,

Just to love you.

I’d be your wings,

Because you’re my angel.

I’ll be your breath,

If you’ll be mine.

For you,

I’d do anything,

And everything.

Just say,


That you love me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about someone i met... they stopped talking to me. but i love them, and id do anything for them.