A Thing Called Love

Short Poems

We're going down
I don't see how
Why question this relationship?
Because I don't trust you
Where are you when I needed you?
Getting high?
That's what I thought

So goodbye,
see you later
I could care less
I thought I loved you, but it was just lust
always mistaken
Never taken
so serious
as it really should be
Always mysterious
Never forward

Always missed
and over used
I just get so confused
I never really mean it
I wish I did, why say it?
Because I thought I did
But you never thought you loved me
You always just said it

I can see that now
sitting alone
after you left me for your friend
I thought it was true but just go back,
go back to that liar and
That cheater
She won't be any sweeter
Just like before

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