Mother Father Lover

i didn't thank you today for waking up early, for making me a peanut butter sandwich,
if given the option to have a different or new mom, i'd decline and never switch,
i rarely show you my gratitude, the words to describe you hover around perfection,
if the world held a contest for best mom, by a landslide you'd win the election,

youre the most intelligent person i know, a genius by most measures,
wisdom and insight, knowing youre my dad one of the greatest of pleasures,
your capacity for empathy is unprecedented, you can feel the condition of my soul,
i cherish our time together, to reciprocate your love for me, is my ultimate goal,

from day one, you knew it was love, you knew instantly what took me a year to realize,
you are my lover, my best friend, i now know - surely without you my essence dies,
i show not enough appreciation, you elevate me from thousands of miles away,
you are pure, you are a dream, you are you - a blessing i wouldn't have any other way...

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Simple, straight to the point and amazing.

You will never be without me.