Cupid The God

kisses sweeter than the sweetest of ice cream sundaes,
sweeter than living life with only saturdays and sundays,
so sexy everything she does well, so sexy even her blunders,
like she's more wonderful than the most wonderous of wonders,

life is a job i'm performing poorly, like clumsy doctors dropping body parts,
and down the hill of life, aimlessly rolling like ghost riding shopping carts,
sitting here, like how can i trick the world into thinking i'm worthwhile,
drawing colorless blanks, existing in a state more blue than smurf bile,

i'm outside, under a ramada, literally the wind blows,
restless nights, fruitless days, eyes gasp for air as my vision goes,
unknown brokens, age increasing exponentially, my value a bent nail rusty,
justifiable paranoina, fear increasing, the book of my life becoming dusty,

love: any feeling about anything that has a personally perceived element of desire,
love: a key term, a vital weapon in the art of manipulation, a match to start every fire,
people look to the words for truth, when often times it's unadulterated in the actions,
making it more difficult, like moving from adding whole numbers to multiplying fractions,

for everything i do, i have an equal and seemingly rational excuse,
each person plays a role, life is the argument, death is the truce,
often choosing unwisely, i exert effort finding non-existant shortcuts,
brain skating on thin ice, head spinning a triple lutz,

meaningless conversations drift across cell phones,
insights quieter than moribund caterpillar moans,
the more distracted from inevitabilities, the greater the life lived,
it speaks to a pinpoint accuracy, unlike users of the word 'gived,'

life is to pain, as beer is to fermentation,
broken is to fixed, as human is to extermination,
people are to beauty, as beauty is to disgust,
words are to filler, as filler is to mistrust,

logos reign supreme, not over pathos and ethos, but over our lives,
love is an imbalance, quantity and quality, like having multiple wives,
reflections of the sun off tinted cars, the blades of light so blinding,
like a lower case L, each path towards permanent black be non-winding,

live not by superstition or fantasies, but by what one knows,
scary, like sawed off shotgun purchasers at local gun shows.
'god' is just like any other person, it inspires love and hatred, caring more and caring less,
look for needles of meaning in the haystack of life, or smudge red lipstick into a red-herring mess,

i live in a constant fear, my eyesight comes and goes, my eyebrow constantly twitches,
i'm 25, i live in a constant fear, i think about my brain, about the present and future glitches,
love is a loaded word, often times taking the place of would-be deeds,
love is the rubber bullet in a loaded gun, the dying flower in a world of weeds...

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