Staring At Blank Photographs

People say: look at how much beauty the world holds.

I agree, but look at the evil - however minute - the world holds as well.

A beautiful world is like trusting someone; all it takes is a miniscule amount of evil/mistrust to overtake/nullify all of the beauty/trust preceding it...

We live here, taking up this space, using all that can be used,
Frolicking around, engaged, abusing all that can abused,
How do you ignore the ugly, how do you suppress the unjust,
How can you really believe what you tell yourself, one love - one lust,

A future meanderer, a too damaged wannabe philanderer,
A life is meaningless realizer, Ph.D plans to probable pharmacy supervisor,
And that's if I'm lucky, bullshitting aside and with no kidding,
Real, contemplating in the chair I'm sitting,
The next few years, like am I in the process of getting up or quitting,
Standing up or falling down, fusing together or splitting,

If the dead could speak, if the dead could tell us what happens,
If they had that capacity - if they had any capacity at all,
If they knew something, could somehow exist,
Could give a sign, however small...

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 nice write-thanks for

 nice write-thanks for sharing

Vive le Quebec libre!