Unable To Obviate

All the fabricated meanings we've created for life,
all the gods who have subsequently been given credit,
The never ending spectrum of stresses we face,
happening all around us and all we can do is let it,
Hope sparkles like a diamond, lies like a cubic zirconia,
Grounded, distant dreams of flying away like the euphonia,

When I die, I want it to be instant and without warning,
In my sleep, shot, or broadsided at 5 in the morning,
Such luxuries we rarely contemplate, rarely receive,
Like friendships, like the afterlife in which you believe,
Ethereal beings are passe, our generation worships fashion,
Worships the powerful pursuit of popularity, of prurient passion,

It's necessary that our access to fun filled distraction is always open,
As our soul hollows, something needs to fill where we once put hope in,
Right and wrong exist only in wishful guesses,
Nothing should be surprising, blase are the evils no one confesses,
The worst part - nothing matters, everything is made to disappear,
The equilibrium always prevails, and it cares not whether or not we are here.

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Wow....really good, great

Wow....really good, great words, imagery...everything....very very memorable.