Too Aye Em


My name is Max Polasko.

I have two friends, they both live in California,

I'm here, I live in Arizona,

I'm 24, I have a Masters Degree in psychology from Pepperdine,

I'm decent looking, and from the outside everything looks just fine,

I'm so lonely, I feel the empty space around me,

I'm crying, tears overwhelm the spell-bound sea,

Life is hard, trying to make sense of it is harder,

Each day I ask why, for answers I constantly barter,

Each person here, each a buddy 'ol pal fraud,

Where's my friendly skateboard, the music on my reliable ipod,

I talk to myself, always close to my ear is my mouth,

I look up, yet I see everything south,

Where are you, I don't even know who you are,

Where friends are constellations, I'm a misplaced star,

No job, I don't have a job,

But I'm turned on by any fat ugly blob,

What the hell is wrong with me, what the hell,

Heart falling even when it already fell,

Lost orange, now I have a pink nuby,

Burns all healed, now the color of ruby,

I'm so tired, my eyes sting,

The lack of pain hurts more than anything...

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Kimberly Perez's picture

I had tears when I read this.

You know you will always have me.