When The Whole Body Stirs

When The Whole Body Stirs

Do the stars behold nothing, do godless nights weigh thy down,

The daily search for what, for anything to betray my frown,

The empty feeling, to feel so little meaning leaves me speechless,

Casa taught me discipline, but to be happy –no one can teach this,

Time allows for desire, death, for despair anew,

I speak to the lifeless dark skies, baby I missbear you,

The consequences of each breath, of sensing our closeness to ants,

Despite all of this, effortlessly, my life you enhance,

An oasis of content in a desert of longing, a pulse of hope in hopeless landscapes,

When I shatter, for eternity, over broken pieces your crushed hand scrapes,

Shelter my vulnerability from the cold, never letting a dispassionate air in,

The same love, scattered across a vast sea, across a ghost town so barren,

I get the stomach yearning, the want to feel young again,

It hurts to be alone – it stings now just as much as it stung back then,

We hurt ourselves to feel special, to stand out in everyone’s eyes,

Flirt with the end of life and maybe you’ll be noticed, always a sweet, savory surprise,

Each birthday burns away with the candles, why must I wait so long,

God was a childhood friend, a liar claiming he could do no wrong,

Rooster in search of its snake charmer, in search of the laughably obscene,

The vulgar images are there, insuppressible like children shot up with caffeine,

Love songs on the radio, echo down imaginary pathways,

Beautiful sounds reverberate in hiding, I beg nothingness’ mercy but its wrath stays,

Wandering black thoughts deceive my pasty white skin,

Sit alone with a bleak, fatigued heart? I’d rather compliment your tasty light grin,

With kisses, with a contact unable to be described,

Tinges of the reaper in the closest of bonds, whispering the future – unmoved, un-bribed,

No more supplying meaning to others, a responsibility irresponsibility bestowed,

Death the only permanence, the graveyard our final, unbecoming abode,

If only to make the best of it were easy, barking to our sky I cry beside weeping willows,

Knowing I hope for the unattainable, smoky dreams die as each grey cloud billows,

I fight wars no one sees, no one hears about,

Plenty of fish in the sea, but I don’t want tuna, salmon or trout,

The internet is a closed, locked, crystal-clear window,

Beautiful, yet never so appealing was hell and sin though,

You can experience everything through it, but only with sight,

The jpegs and I cuddle, but true happiness never seems to take flight,

Why are we here, to pretend our lives have some glorified, everlasting meaning?

With omnipresent harm and sorrow, irreverent a god who scoffs at intervening,

All we have is each other, any creator has long ago left us forsaken,

Nevertheless, the tutelage of love – compassion, has rarely been mistaken.

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Baby I missbear you too!!