Hello world, it's 4:30 in the morning,

Sleeplessness becomes me, a lack of rest i'm mourning,

Why can't i sleep, i'm unbelievably tired,

Inside me everything unraveling, overheating what's hardwired,

Depression won't leave me alone, pain won't go away,

The minutes slowly manifest to hours, repeating every day,

I'm self destructing, a matter of time til it caresses me asleep,

Tried going to my happy place, tried counting 1,000s of sheep,

Tried to reason with god, took the form of echos in my head,

The echos keep me up, blurring the line between the living and the dead,

My eyes are pitched tents, the poles bowing out and ready to break,

My skin is dirty water, it melts off leaving behind pieces of a lifeless lake,

My mind is a Pandora's box, i ask why it sabotages me but it leaves no hints,

My muscles are an army, the troops are thinned out to the point of non-existence,

I would love to dream, would love to escape all of this,

I take for granted, then upon departure i eternally miss,

I would love for god to take pity, i'm too much of a coward to permanently fix it,

I'm dark, my innards crunchy, my essence like an over-aged twix bit,

My body and mind ache and throb,

Death is on the other side, i stand here turning the knob.

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