Red Nosed Reindeer

A relationship, like the stars and constellations,

Going together, like happenings and situations,

Happy, like believing dreams come true,

Tasting fantasy in reality, like me and you,

A relationship, like non-words and ‘deers,’

Going together, like scary things and your worst fears,

Happy, like this will never end,

Tasting fantasy in reality, lover and best friend,

With so much light, tantamount to a real kiss,

With so much darkness, the dimmest light an oasis,

Inevitable, but which types of good-byes?

Connect, regardless of future location, age or size.

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Kimberly Perez's picture

As I read thru ur poetry I remember the way I felt the first time I read this. Cause I get the same feeling every single time.
Thank you