The Air You Breath

The Air You Breath

god, i'd rather exercise creativity and invent my own myths,

feel like taking a few shots, nah i'd rather down a few fifths,

fail at what i love, fail at what i hate,

life like the doctor's office, most of the time i just wait,

these words an eulogy, give end to another shitty day,

religion like santa clause, and not just in an itty bitty way,

preach god-damn-its because it's harmless,

words bleed pain at a rate, you couldn't possibly harness,

substitute a lack of meaning in life with anger, with glossed eyes,

with anger so prevalent it's commonplace - void of all surprise,

why worship something that created this? i'd rather worship chaos,

luck reigns, matters not whether you pray for gain or pray for loss,

punch walls, but not too hard because i'm weak,

i'm a faker, a set of pussy lips that can't speak,

i hate you, and if you knew this your reflex would be to hate me,

anyone that dresses or acts for shock value - bait for a killing spree,

in the forest of normalcy, i've surely lost my sense of direction,

for things that exacerbate crap, surely must have a predilection,

general populace cares more about celebrities, than the state of our planet,

if being let down is a wildfire, god loves nothing more than to fan it...

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