It Hurts

slowly changing, like leaves do when it hits autumn,

treading water, but on my way to kissing rock bottom,

use tongue, mixed messages to balance on my tight rope,

pull away, simultaneously convincing you we might elope,

look ahead, all i see in my ball of crystal,

fantasies, unreal like an arcade game pistol,

wake up, maybe today i'll get hit on by some middle school girls,

light of my day - i'm desperate and wide open to any referrals,

whatever, queued up but no ones ready to die,

kind of like love, my sheltered heart much too camera shy,

skip god and the drugs, i'd rather face what is,

take 'friendship' seriously, like passing the suck-my-left-nut quiz,

oops - killed the sincere vibe, canceled out with a weak joke,

it's ok - written volumes, yet to you my utter unhappiness never spoke.

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blissfully_yours's picture

i really like your style of writing...i can relate.