Can't offer much, love and care worthless as legal tender,

Heart heaves - mixed with rejection in the kitchen blender,

Being alone: powerful thoughts can cripple, make one shudder and cringe,

Teased with togetherness, another hit of hope as one prepares the syringe,

Led on and excuses fed, believe obvious lies - how pathetic can't be written,

Friend-hungry mouse, drawn to even the most bored, carnivorous, and sadistic kitten...

One-sided enjoyment boy toy, not worthy of a haloed ring finger,

Experimented with, quelled conscience with convictions that I malinger,

I don't know you and never will, but look, regardless it still stings,

I know the routine, words powerless against the reality of such things,

Love me back, back my love: fantasies that slowly drip down the drain,

Chest hurts from breathing water, even so, seems I can't drown the pain.

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