This Is Closure

Of her heart, locked myself out of yet another layer,

Soothe myself, best friends with my car’s cd player…

Kicked out, and now trying to get back even faster,

She won’t have it, fearing another emotional disaster,

I feel terrible, always exposed – a perpetual dreary side,

4 years later, a few mistakes later – I emerge, incessantly teary eyed,

Why? In the beginning – a couple all considered to be adorable,

So attached, time spent apart, considered nothing less than horrible,

Yet when happiness permeated, immature – constantly the balloon popper,

This was me, is me, unhappily unchanged, and now nothing can stop her,

Emotional baggage bloomed, in excess both of us carried,

And to think, inside this temple of cards, we someday might have married.

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Alex Polasko's picture

wow this is actually ver good. i like when you rhyme i feel like the meaning hits deeper in me. especially that last line idk theres something about it, right after i read i was like wow he is so right, he is so right. so much truth. im happy its the last line. i think it hits me a little deeper tho since i know/knew yours and M@#$&%'s situation.