brisk like iced tea, like early morning beach strolls,

CEO of a heart, of my heart's buttons, options and controls,

standing in the shower, writing this, concepts choppy,

you'll accept me, dirty hair, pants, crazy and sloppy,

forget sex - you make life kinky,

one big spiral downward, the life of a slinky,

you know me well, yet haven't the faintest suspicion,

harbored hurt, separate and unaffected by incessant contrition,

bare footed, daily we walk tightropes of barbed wire,

and every barb hit, reminds us of an unfulfilled hope, dream or desire,

if what we wanted, could only be like mtv's made,

untwisted, untangled, unlike pretzels knotted in a braid,

boggled my experiences, for the fresh mix ups i could never repay,

i'll remember you far beyond, every ugly face of senescence and decay...

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I will ALWAYS accept you! No matter what happens! You will always be a part of me.