Max Polasko - does the bare minimum, often sees himself in the third-person perspective,

Understandably believed to be a failure, doesn't care - treats life like a highschool elective,

Intelligent by his and other's standards, filled with a pulsating unused potential,

Such a waste - unmotivated, only giving of himself what's absolutely essential,

When writing of pain, interpreted as insipid or poetic,

Neither, to the worst possible outcome he's forcefully magnetic,

Meaning fades and sharpens as these words are typed, even he has his own suspicions,

Loves and hates, armed with concepts devoid of any universal definitions,

Some think he basks in the sunlight of his misery, how untrue and ironic,

Acclimated to such feelings, but assuredly every one is ego-dystonic.

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when i read the name of this poem i thought it would be bloodgroup !!! nice work.

Dr. Zayed Bin Zakir Shawon