Wincing From The Pressure

Here, the same poem over and over again, knowing I should just let it be,

But listen, it’s tragically beautiful like gazing over a polluted, sunset lit sea,

Failed, for whenever near I’ve always taken her for granted,

Now far and long apart, in concrete my seeds of happiness planted,

Thinking on her, thoughts depress me yet are arousing,

Nonetheless not here, heartbreaking, of life’s joys – I’ve stopped browsing,

Sappy love poem and cliché, no – but she does leave every aspect of me erected,

It should come as no surprise, like from every game of love I’ve been unfairly ejected,

I see her even now, everyday – for with my longing she always has an appointment,

Why wouldn’t she? Ailed by a relentless pessimism, Marina – my one and only ointment,

Crucified togetherness upon a cross, my love/pain apparent – what more can I display,

The question echoes - rebelling against nonsense, proving it by dying myself gray,

For each other perfection,

But to the empty content of others - sadistically pulled in the opposite direction,

Drowning from this psychological tidal wave,

Sadness poorly comforts me, and yet to this I am an idle slave,

No – this feeling legitimate, in 20 years I will feel the same about this moment as I do now - unchanged by hindsight,

Alone we’re lost, aimlessly wandering – yet some have the power, in this instance, to grant the blind sight…

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Alex Polasko's picture

hey i like it. i do.

Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

Pining under different perspective... neither hollow nor subliminal but coherently understood, your emotion and memory. Nice piece!