Alllllllllllll Night Long


Alllllllllllll Night Long

to hold you, cradle you like comestibles in spoons,

to believe love could over power, life-threatening bullet wounds,

sorrow, one of many bad habits,

thoughts sex-crazed, multiplying like wild rabbits,

life a meretricious pinball game, worth about 50 pennies,

worth about one-tenth of your alcohol-induced, 2 AM order at dennys

each day, a new stick in the mud,

each day like a worthless, let-down firecracker dud,

each new day, a new grain of salt in the same cut,

each new day, a new position in the same rut,

i dream of you, without knowing what you are,

life a kidnapper, blindfolded - duct taped to the bottom of the car,

text with those little buttons, they portray so little with so much,

live the acoustic version of life, sensitive to the ears - sensitive to the touch...

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a good and intersting poem with good it