The Other Me..

Some days are good some days are bad

It likes to linger and suddenly vanish

like vapor

other times it stays like a dark cloud

oh dark cloud how cliche are you

staying above me

raining down whenever the sun tries to shine thru

whenever my lips crack a slight smile

whenever i think for a second i have escaped

you come back like a hissing venomous snake

im so sick of you now

i wish you werent here

but i depend on you now

youre like a devilish sneer

inside of me you sometimes peer out

and my smile turns grim 

and my eyebrows slant down

i become very dark




oh what you do to me

i change

my mind becomes polluted

hero turned villain

but no one knows it but me

everything i say comes out as rage

and the angel inside me tries to come back out

but the rage cages me

like im trapped inside myself

does this make sense

that im trapped inside myself?

with the wrongness of you


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You have two poems on

Postpoems and i like them both.

You must put some somewhere else

Just sayin


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Thank you, means a lot, maybe

Thank you, means a lot, maybe when I have more courage to share I shall!