He Is Me

The sun is bright as ever, washing me in bands of heat, I'm hanging in the air as nails impale my hands and feet,
I know that I am dreaming on some night I'm deep in sleep, I'm dreaming that I'm Jesus, I am Him and He is me.

The pain is unlike anything I've ever felt before, I hear some scream for blood while I hear others yell for more,
they have me on what looks to be a wooden crucifix, my body's like the letter 'T', you should envision this,

but me I feel the horror from the beatings that they gave, while some would call it torture, I endured it just to save,
humanity's descendants but my name is used in vain, I feel my life is draining as my head descends in shame.

I perservered for many hours, 9 to be exact, to witness this would render all your mentals non-intact,
just picture me a moment, on the cross between 2 thieves, they broke their legs and knees but they did not do this to me.

I smell a scent and think of death, it's all inside my mind, I'm shrouded as I die but I will surely have my time,
for 3 days later here I am, I died to rise again, atoning for the sins of all the women and the men.

The children of this world should comprehend the very role, I play inside of daily life to save their very soul,
just look at modern day events, the evidence is clear, no need for me to verify the end is very near.

Some folks will think of church, that very thought will make them hurt, well ponder the alternative, there're some who'll make it worse,
while yes I love the lot of you, my children one and all, you need to make it better otherwise you're gonna fall.

I wake up in my bed amidst a startle, oh I'm safe, I race into the bathroom and the mirror shows my face,
I wipe the sweat realizing everything that seems to be, that ALL of us are Jesus, we are Him, and He is me.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This effort was based on a dream I actually had where I witnessed Jesus being crucified.

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