You’ve used me

Abused me

Amused me

And confused me

You’ve ducked me

Cut me

Fucked me

And hugged me

do you love me

or are you love free

the way you cuss me

cause you’ve crushed me

you’ve dissed

kissed me

hit me

and kicked me

laughed at me

got back at me

crashed with me

and been bad with me

messed with me

confessed to me

been blessed with me

undressed with me

then you turned your back on me

laughed with greed

cracked at me

ransacked my needs

now you want it back

what you can’t have

you shouldn’t have laughed

behind my back

but I’ve loved you

I’ve cussed you

I’ve bugged you

And I’ve hugged you

I’ve dismissed you

Been brisk with you

Been pissed at you

But missed you



1:00 A.M.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is how confused i was.

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Lynn Wiles's picture

I feel the pain in this one.

andrew c.'s picture

I love this poem it's realy good