Do Not Resuscitate

My heart is breaking.

Into bits and pieces,


...thin shards of glass

onto the ground.

Looking down at my feet...

I see the remains.

They sparkle so brightly,

as his eyes once did.

Only, instead of an amazing reflection

of sparkling beautiful blue

that mesmerized me

through the depths of my soul...

the light catches in certain spots

and there appears

the slight hint of ruby

tinged by the bleeding of my heart.

I can't reach down and pick up the pieces.

The shards are sharp as blades.

They cut and I bleed

even more.

It doesn't matter now.

This heart isn't mine to retrieve.

I gave it away when I melted into his arms.

When I chose to believe.

I have never loved such a special man

and have never been loved so much:

In every action, every deed,

and every sacred touch.

He was my angel giving me

What I'd never had before.

It's easy then to understand

Why it isn't mine anymore...

That which now

lies shattered

in this pool of blood upon the floor.

There is no need to worry...

Eventually I'll feel less and less...

I'll gently slip into

a quiet dark abyss...

Where I will be forever numb

to the love that I miss.

To live without his love

might not be quite as hard,

if I am able

to live without a heart.

So I have only one request,

if it is to be my fate.

When it comes to my heart,

do not resuscitate.

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