I Ran Away (Dialectical Response)

It's funny how when someone hurts you

You go into denial

You vacillate between trying to make sense of it

and trying to accept it

between the pain of realizing the person you love hurt you

and the reality of having to stand up and say no more

I didn't run. I stood my ground.

Perhaps I was a little quick on the draw

I'll be that

I didn't shoot on sight, though

Over the years I have developed

a very low tolerance for being mistreated

I'm sure you would have been hurt

had I done the same to you.

Hoping for a good excuse

Praying it was all a big misunderstanding

and that you were wrong

Wishing he'd tackle you as you ran away

and tell you he loved you and not let you go

Missing him

No response

Longing for peace


Those are natural parts of loving someone

and the hardest part of letting go

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote these two poems quite a while ago... they represent the emotional back and forth of caring and the struggle to rationalize walking away.

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